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The Island

Scilly Cay, a tiny coral based island crowns the bay in the village of Island Harbour. Its low island vegetation and tiny sand beach made it the perfect spot for a daytime restaurant. The island is owned and operated by Eudoxie & Sandra along with their two sons Brandon and Alexander who are dedicated to making your stay on Scilly an experience to remember. It's simply the best in the Caribbean!

What we Serve

Simple and Delicious: The menu has only four choices (or a combo of any). Chicken, Lobster, Crayfish and Fish. That's it! Fresh & Tasty.

Our Drinks

We have a bar that serves a great range of drinks and wines. Try our World Famous Rhum Punch, it'll have you walking on water.

How to Get There

Walk to the Dock, wave like an idiot to the island, we'll spot you and be there in a jiffy. Ferry is free to and from.

We love our clients

Everyone is welcome. Our restaurant is all about fun and good food. Come have a drink, enjoy the beach, eat good food. We'll show you a good time :)

Fun Facts

29 Years Opened
175000 Rhum Punch Served ++
5min Taxi Ride in Minutes from The Valley
120 Ferry Ride in Seconds

Our Photos

A little collection of photographs from Scilly Cay.

What our clients say

  • "Perfectly spiced. Garlic butter. Warm French bread. Fresh pasta salad. Al fresco Anguilla dining. It doesn't get better than this."

    Nori, Anguilla Beaches.

  • "Scilly Cay is the ultimate beach bar - big platter of local crayfish, lobster, chicken, snapper, or a combination of any of the above, is prepared in a secret marinade and grilled to perfection"

    Editor's Choice, Condenast Traveler Magazine

  • "The Best Day we had! The yummiest and strongest rum punch, and the food! I ordered a combo platter of lobster and crayfish, which comes in a light curry sauce, with a pasta salad and fruit. And the restaurant owner, a character!"

    Hillary - girlyfoodie.com

Join Us

Scilly Cay is located in the fishing village of Island Harbour on the East tip of Anguilla. We're a 5 min ride from The Valley, a 15 min ride from Blowing Point. We're open Wednesdays and Sundays for lunch (11hAM to 5PM). Come for a drink, stay for lunch, snorkle on our beach. Have fun ;)

Island Harbour, Anguilla
(264) 497-5123
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